Let's Face It - You're Busy!

BumpBar is for moms on the go. Each ingredient is selected specifically to support mothers-to-be and nursing moms.

When you're on-the-go, eating right sometimes ends up at the bottom of your list. You have to meet work demands and juggle family and friends. On top of all of that you still want to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Add a growing bump to that list and you have your hands full. You take your prenatal vitamin religiously. But, you know that a balanced diet with whole foods is still essential for a healthy pregnancy. Your baby needs it. You need it. That's where BumpBar comes in.

Developed by a board-certified obstetrician, BumpBar is over 70% organic, made with organic cashew butter, organic almonds, and a handful of other ingredients selected specifically to give you and your baby the nutrition you need. And, just as it's good to continue taking a prenatal vitamin during nursing, BumpBar is also designed to provide additional nutritional support for breastfeeding moms.

BumpBar Contains:

    • Lemon to boost energy levels
    • Ginger to reduce morning sickness and nausea
    • Organic cashew butter for folic acid
    • Almonds for folic acid and calcium
    • Organic flaxseed meal for iron
    • Organic gluten free oats for energy 

High-Quality Ingredients

When you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, the last thing you want is to eat unhealthy, processed food with questionable ingredients you can't pronounce. You want your food to be of the highest quality. So do we. BumpBar is:


What You and Your Baby Need

Being pregnant or breastfeeding means you need more: more folic acid, more calcium, more protein, more iron, more protein, more calories. At just under 250 calories, BumpBar is a convenient snack that helps you get the extra nutrients you need and nothing else. And, it's made with whole food ingredients so you are getting real nutrition and not something created in a laboratory.

Folic Acid

Folic acid helps your baby develop a strong nervous system and helps prevent neural tube defects. One BumpBar has almost 400mcg of folic acid — the daily amount recommended for pregnant women.


Calcium helps to build strong, healthy bones. One BumpBar gives you 6% of the daily amount of calcium you need.


Iron promotes healthy blood and helps prevent anemia. One BumpBar gives you 12% the daily amount of iron you need.


Protein helps with the growth of fetal tissue, including the brain. It also helps your breast and uterine tissue grow during pregnancy. It keeps up your blood supply. One BumpBar gives you 11% of the daily amount of protein you need.

 BumpBar and Prenatal Vitamins

BumpBar does not replace your daily prenatal vitamin. Rather, it works with your daily prenatal vitamin to complete your nutrition profile.

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