BumpBar Was Designed by an Obstetrician for YOUR NEEDS & YOUR BABY'S NEEDS


I decided to give these samples to a few pregnant mothers around my area, each in a different stage of their pregnancy. After only a few days of trying BumpBar, they all said the same thing: FANTASTIC! BumpBar did a great job controlling the constant nausea in the beginning stages of pregnancy while also giving lots of natural energy. Unlike most prenatal bars, these bars were very moist and full of flavor. Pregnant women are more sensitive to tastes and smells, so the creators of this bar definitely kept that in mind. Overall, BumpBar is a fantastic way to make sure mommy-to-be and baby receive their required daily nutrients. I will definitely be purchasing BumpBars for my next pregnancy.

Jessica, Momma's Little Reviews (click link for full review)

Once I finally settled down and looked at the ingredients, out of habit, thanks mom, the thing I noticed is there are only 9 ingredients, and I could pronounce everything single one. ... BumpBars are soft, moist and not overpowering at all which I thought they would be because…ginger. My kids kept stealing bites off my bar, and eventually opened their own to share. ... My morning sickness in the first trimester and into the second trimester was awful, losing almost 10 pounds. I wish so bad I had these bars because I am confident they would have helped my morning sickness and given me a little boost of energy that I so desperately needed.
Aurora, Mom.Wife.Boss (click link for full review)

BumpBar is tasty treat to carry in your handbag, keep at work, and of course at home. It’s also an easy and convenient way to increase your energy levels, and reduce nausea (it contains ginger). ... BumpBar makes a perfect gift for a loved one who just found out they are pregnant. Or, give them as a baby shower present! These bars would also be a great way to keep your nutrients up after delivery, if you are planning on breastfeeding.
Kim, Love, Mrs. Mommy (click link for full review)

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