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BumpBar: From Our Family to Yours

BumpBar is a family business based in South Lake Tahoe, California.  BumpBar began in 2015 with a mission to develop a nutrition bar specifically formulated for pregnant women.  I'm an OBGYN, and at the time, patients in my obstetrics practice were routinely asking me to recommend a healthy snack to complement their active pregnant lifestyles. Nothing in the nutrition aisle at the grocery store (or in specialty stores, either) was designed with them in mind that delivered the right nutrients and tasted great, so I set to work, outlining what women were looking for in a prenatal snack. Taste, convenience and quality ingredients that meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women and their babies were at the top of my list. My husband and I started baking and many, many test batches later, BumpBar was born.  From our family to yours, we hope you like it!

~Dr. Mandi
Amanda Weavil, MD, FACOG
Founder, BumpBar

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